Welcome to the shopping site of  Shancar Publications. You can purchase curricula and books directly from the website using credit cards or through a Pay Pal account.

Some curricula have electronic options as well as hard copy options, so as you select your choice(s), please keep in mind what format you prefer and select the appropriate medium. 

The purchase of electronic versions (CD or pdf file) entitles your congregation to print out any needed materials for use by your congregation as needed to present the curriculum.  It should be understood that a purchased electronic version of curriculum should not be shared with any other congregations or individuals from other congregations, except as a way of allowing others to preview the curriculum in consideration of a future purchase.

Also, please keep in mind that after the purchase of one hard copy of curriculum, any additional hard copies of that same curriculum are offered at a discount (whether purchased at the same time as the first copy or at a later date).

Thank you for visiting my website, and you may contact me via email at richards.michelle@frontier.com should you have any questions.