Popcorn Theology Too: The Sequel Hardcopy + CD

Popcorn Theology Too: The Sequel Hardcopy + CD
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Popcorn Theology Too: The Sequel is a 20 session curriculum built around popular movies on issues of theological and ethical relevance to Unitarian Universalist youth. Over the course of the program, youth will explore how the choices we make affect our lives and the lives of others, how the search for truth and meaning is a matter of perspective, how and why we are called to do what is right and how our faith can help us answer our questions, seek answers, and deal with the trials of life.  This version is NOT AN UPDATE to the original curriculum but another one which can supplement the original or stand alone.

18 of the movies used are PG or PG-13 to accommodate middle school youth as well as high school age youth but the two bonus sessions include movies that are rated R and may be more suitable for high school age youth or young adults.  Sessions can be done in a one-hour format using a specially selected excerpt of the movie or as extended sessions showing the entire film.  Each session includes discussion questions and at least one activity designed to build upon the issues raised in the movie, with ideas for expanding the learning experience if used in a Movie Night or overnight format. Movies are not included.

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